Metropol Corporation develops service to help curb financial fraudulence

Metropol Corporation develops service to help curb financial fraudulence

In the recent past, questions have emerged from different quarters on how one can check their status with the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). Nonetheless, some people have also complained about information changes on their profiles consent.

With this mushrooming sinister behaviour, in essence, can be frustrating when one gets a surprising message informing him/her the worst. Imagine getting a notification that you have applied for a loan which you know very well you did not initiate! Shocking right?

This, however, will now be a thing of the past as innovators come up with ways of taming fraudsters and their tricks.

Metropol CRB, a leading CRB in Kenya and the East African Community has come up with an amazing service that addresses this inconvenience. The service, identified as Metropol CRB Profile Manager, helps an individual to monitor his/her CRB profile by getting instant alerts should change occur, once subscribed to the service.

Metropol CRB Profile Manager has been created to ensure that nobody’s account can be compromised howsoever because one will always tell through an alert.

The company has set up the SMS alert that has been subdivided into a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis for instant notification which will let you get notified when;

-There is a Credit inquiry on your CRB profile.

-New account information is included.

-Your Account status changes.

-There is a Change in your listing status.

-There is a Change in your metro score.

-You have been included as a guarantor and,

-You have issued a Bounced cheque

There are three different ways one can register on Metropol CRB Profile Manager, all you need to do is either;

  1. Download Metropol Crystobol App from Playstore using the link; and then click on Profile Manager to get the alerts package that suits you.
  2. Dial *433# from your Safaricom line and upon following the prompt, subscribe to Profile Manager and get an alert package that suits you.
  3. Visit Metropol CRB’s website using the link; to subscribe to Profile Manager and get an alerts package of your choice.

With the prevalence of fraudulence that has marred the financial digital space, subscribing to Metropol CRB Profile Manager Service is a way of fighting this crime that has left many at the mercy of fraudsters, yet, the good news is that it is a service you can get wherever you are.

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