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NMS to reintroduce high capacity bus system, decongest Nairobi

NMS to reintroduce high capacity bus system, decongest Nairobi

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) is now aiming to reintroduce a scheduled bus transport system in Nairobi County in the next five years.

The move is part of a plan to end years of heavy traffic jams on roads leading into and out of the city.

Metropol TV reached out to Martin Eshiwani, the Director of Roads and Transport at the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) who said the unit is re-organizing how Public Service Vehicles (PSV) operate and improve efficiency in the city.

“Kenyans use travel time much longer and lose in terms of billions every day due to traffic jam…the purpose of the government is to improve mobility so that we can save time and reduce emissions.” Said Eshiwani.

According to Eshiwali, the government is promoting Nairobi as a tourist or conferencing city by decongesting the city.

“For you to do that  you need mobility to be very good, we rely on low capacity vehicles that offer poor quality of services and most Nairobians use personal cars instead of using public transport systems.”

The government is trying to harmonise the public mode of transport in Nairobi, a move that would see the city decongested, thus, offer better environment even as the countries join hands globally in fighting climate change.

Years back, players in matatu sector had rejected the move saying they were being denied opportunities by throwing the youth back into the streets.

NMS said they were in talks with the operators on moving and transforming the sector, many of whom Eshiwali said, were in agreement to improve service delivery.

In the long-term plan by the government, high occupant vehicles will be put up to ferry people into the Central Business District (CBD) even as NMS allayed fears that 14-seater matatus would be done away with.

“Matatus will have a role to play in feeding the main transport node where high occupant vehicles will be operating from. They will be feeding people to stations like Kikuyu and Limuru.”

The railways’ service for commuters is also being upgraded and the government has already purchased BMUs to improve commuter rail service as the NMS is in plans to have another from main line station to the airport.

“There are discussions to have KRC to have some courtesy buses to enable commuters proceed to other destinations.”

“47 percent of Kenyans walk to work and yet for a long time we have never given them preference, we have only given preference to car. We are going to construct a network of NMTs that will enable people who have been having challenges of even cycling…”

Boda boda riders on the other hand, will be given a designated area with a restriction not to breach given perimeters in the CBD as NMS said the sector must be regulated for quality services.

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