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BAT to further regulate the sale of Lyft

BAT to further regulate the sale of Lyft

British American Tobacco (BAT) has come up with more stringent measures to regulate the sale of its new popular nicotine pouches known as Lyft.

The move comes on the back of allegations and complaints by the Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance that the product had flooded the market and was cheaply and easily available to underage children.

BAT now says that it will include contractual clauses, do frequent spot checks, undertake training and compliance audits on traders as well as further engage with stakeholders on how to stop the sale of Lyft to underage children.

The company also says it has invested almost Ksh.2.5 billion on a new factory that will be equipped with high-end technology that will allow it to produce health-friendly products.

The product was introduced into the Kenyan market in July last year and as centered discussions on its negative effects and addictive nature.

However, BAT denied claims that their marketing strategy for Lyft is deliberately meant to attract the youth.

“BAT is clear that Lyft is designed for adult smokers only and no one under the age of 18 should ever use Lyft. In addition to complying with the law, our International Marketing Principles (IMP) provide detailed guidance on all aspects of the marketing of our new category products, which includes responsibility and commitment to market them responsibly and only to adults,” said William Elliot, BAT Head of Legal and External Affairs in a statement.

He said the firm has a Youth Access Prevention programme to train retailers and trade partners on compliance with the applicable regulations and guidelines on the sale of the product.

In his statement, he said, their representatives conduct regular spot checks in facilities stocking Lyft to ensure they adhere to regulations so that the product does not get into the hands of those below 18 years.

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