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Metropol Corporation unveils identity theft service to mitigate cases of loan scams

Metropol Corporation Limited (MCL) has introduced an identity theft service dubbed Metropol Identity Theft Service, a new service aimed at mitigating cases of loan scams.

This comes in the wake of rising cases of loan fraudulence in the country where a person’s identification information is stolen to procure loans.

The MCL Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Sam Omukoko thanked the company’s Business Development team for their innovative work even during the harsh times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Whereas the virus continues to grip the economy, Omukoko said the company was committed to serve its customers and mitigate risks faced while accessing credit.

“Congratulations to the Development team. All this happening at this moment when we are faced with the COVID- 19 pandemic that has put a stranglehold on the economy, is a clear statement of Metropol’s capability and commitment to serve its customers and mitigate the risk they face while accessing credit.´ Said Omukoko.

The service which is currently available to all Safaricom subscribers, one will be able to get notifications whenever a search is detected on individual’s Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) profile, credit score changes or when an ID number is used on a loan/credit application.

The dedicated SMS short-code assigned to the Metropol Identity Theft Service is 22461 and customers will use any mobile device with a Safaricom SIM card to subscribe to the service.

To get timely notifications, customers will be required to send a Short Message (SMS) with an Identification (ID) No to 22461. It is a premium SMS service and will only be accessible to Crystobol Registered users.

For customers who are not registered in Crystobol, they’ll be prompted to register first before accessing the service.

The SMS service is triggered under the following 3 scenarios:

1.    When a New Credit Application is made using a Customer’s ID,

2.    When an enquiry is done on the Customer’s Profile,

3.    When a Customer Metro Score Changes.

For customers who are already in the MCL database (subscribed customers) will not get the USSD prompt but receive a message to inform them of their already active subscription.

Customers who are not on Crystobol can register using any of the following options:

a.    USSD – Dial *433#,

b.    Android – Download Crystobol from Google play store,

c.    Web – On a web browser, open this link:

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