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How keeping fit can improve your social status

How fitness can improve your social status

By Daisy Okanga | Many people are guilty of wishing they could get a sculpted body from eating junk food and watching TV all day. But that is just not going to happen. Even though getting in shape sounds like a long, time-wasting process, the effort put towards being in shape has many positive effects.

Metropol TV had a little chit chat time with Tina Barasa, who triples up as a lawyer, model and trainers and took us through intrigues of her journey to having a better body to feel great.

  1. What really got into Bodybuilding?

I got into bodybuilding through my Mentor Shital Kotak, she took me to a bodybuilding event in Nyayo Stadium in 2015, bought my shoes and everything and decided that I should get into bodybuilding.

2. What was the motivation behind joining bodybuilding?

I actually started training for me to gain some weight, so I started training at around 46 or 47 kilogrammes and now am at close to 60 Kilogrammes.

3. When did you start, and how long have you been in this?

I ran into sixth years in the month of April, I have been doing bodybuilding since 2015.

4. How many calories are you expecting to burn in a day?

Am burning at least 600 calories in a day, which is actually good for weight loss.

5. For one to burn these calories, you expected to have a meal plan to help achieve that, do you have a meal plan?

My meal plan is dependent upon whether am in competition season or not, if am in competition season am basically just eating rice, chicken breasts, oats, sweet potatoes and vegetables mostly broccoli, but when am off season I et to indulge a little.

6. You were Miss Kenya the year 2016/17, Miss Kakamega and recently took part in the international competition India, tell us about it.

I went to India recently and I placed second internationally which is a big deal for Kenya and for myself. But the title I love being associated with is being Miss Nairobi 2016/17  and this is because it kind of legitimized me in the eyes of my peers , in the fitness community and it finally made feel like I actually belong to bodybuilding.

The India experience was amazing and tough as well because I was up on two to three international champions and I think I did well for myself.

7. For one to gain such titles, you really have to be training hard so how often do you train?

The training again depends on whether am in competition season or not, when am in season I train 5 days a week two times a day, but when am off season I train five times a week.

8. How do you track your fitness goals?

So, what Coach Maurice and I do is, we depend on the scale and a tape measure.

9. There must be a young lady looking up on you from somewhere, what is the advice that you would give to her?

My religion is consistency, if you are starting gym today make sure you show up for the next three to four months and it turns out to be a habit, I say this because its just like your financial goals or your career goals and you do not relent on them until you get what you want.

Another thing is if you get into bodybuilding make sure you keep showing up, that the only way the bodybuilding community will get to know you and get access to the best coaches and the best kind of support.

10. Does the government support women in bodybuilding?

The government does not support, for example, the competition I went to India it was exclusively sponsored by my gym Ultra fitness Gym, the best the government can do is write you a letter, that is after you have haggled and struggled and thrown a tantrum, but generally, it does not support bodybuilding.

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