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Tough times ahead as Met department warns of long heavy downpour

Kenyans asked to brace for heavy rainfalls

Even as Kenyans struggle to live with the threat instigated by the coronavirus pandemic, they will have to brace themselves for tough times ahead as Meteorological department warns of heavy downpour.

The Kenya met department says the ongoing rains will increase even further and has urged Kenyans to pay a keen ear to the underlined updates for their safety.

On Tuesday, the weatherman issued a heavy rain alert that is expected to hit the country for the next five days.

From the advisory, the country will experience heavy downpour of more than 30mm in 24hours which is being experienced over several parts of the country.

Parts of the country which will be hit hard are Western region, Central region including Nairobi Area, Northeastern, Northwestern and Coastal region of Kenya.

Four people have already died due to heavy rains that triggered a mudslide at Chesogon trading center on the border of West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet counties on April 18.

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