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Products specified as essential by govt during COVID-19 outbreak [list]

The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Enterprise Development listed alcoholic beverages and Tobacco among essential products during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This was after Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina formed a business Emergency Response Centre which identified the products to respond to the issues affecting the business sector during the pandemic.

“The Committee identified the manufacturers, producers and suppliers of the under listed as essential to the sustenance of lives and efforts must be taken to keep them operational throughout the crisis period,” read a notice from the ministry.

It said due to their significance, workers and providers of logistics to these sectors need protection and special permits and transport in the event of a lockdown.

Below is the list of products which have been specified as essential;

Food and beverages:

1. Cereals


3. Wheat products (bread, confectioneries and breakfast cereals)

4. Sugar Confectionaries

5. Dairy products

6. Processed foods

7. Meat and meat products

8. Fish

9. Edible oils

10. Salt and cooking spices

11. Fruits, vegetables and nuts

12. Water

13. Juices and non and/or carbonated drinks/diluting drinks

14. Tea, coffee, tobacco

15. Alcohol beverages

Other products include essential Textiles and Apparels like face masks, medical uniforms, medical equipment and essential supplies like oxygen, pharmaceuticals and medicament.

Essential footwear like gumboots used in medical facilities, shoe covers, animal health medicaments, soap, detergents and washing materials, hygiene and personal care products like toilet tissues, serviettes, sanitary pads and diapers are also listed.

Others include agro-chemicals and pest control products like mosquito nets, farm inputs, insecticides,  animal feeds, petroleum fuels,  cooking fuels, including wood fuels and matches, motor vehicle parts, motorcycle and parts

The list also includes essential plastic and rubber used for packaging such as bags, water bottles, plastic tanks, cling film, goggles, face shields, gloves, disposable gowns/overall.

Also on the list are essential paper products used in packaging, Sacks Converters, Labeling, Paper converters, Printers and Allied- Stationery

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