Telkom-Airtel merger conditions

349 employees out of 674 employees of Telkom Kenya will be spared from being laid off once Airtel Kenya completes its acquisition of the mobile operations, enterprise and carrier services business of Telkom Kenya.

This is one of the conditions that the communications authority of Kenya has set out following its approval of the proposed merger between Telkom and Airtel.

In a gazette notice, the competition watchdog body has stipulated that the merged entity must ensure that 234 employees of Telkom Kenya are retained by the merged entity for a period of two years from the date of the implementation of the merger.

The network partners of the merged entity, according to the CAK, must absorb the remaining 115 employees.

In July, Telkom Kenya announced that it would declare 575 of its staff redundant as a result of the transaction and subsequently advertise and interview Telkom employees for positions in the combined entity and its outsourced partners.

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