Liquid Telecom recognized for ‘most innovative IoT solution

Liquid Telecom has won the ‘most innovative IoT solution’ award at the recently held World Communications Award (London) for helping thousands of fish farmers in western Kenya and Nyanza to monitor and protect freshwater fish populations using the Internet Of Things (IoT).

Adil Youssefi, CEO of Liquid Telecom East Africa Region, said and I quote, “we are delighted that our work with Kenyan fish farmers is being recognized on the global stage. Deploying an innovative IoT solution across liquid telecom’s high-speed network we are helping to transform communities across East Africa whilst also addressing food security which is central to the Kenyan government’s big four agenda.” End of quote.

The innovative IoT solution deployed in rural Kenya impressed the judges since it was “a real-world application delivering tangible benefits to a wide array of users and an excellent IoT solution with clear benefits for farmers as well as for the healthiness of the fish industry in Kenya.

The company has connected ten pilot-phase sensors, which monitor water temperature and PH values in ponds. The sensors send information and feeding instructions to farmers through an android and IOS app.  This has reduced fish deaths by 40% in a year restoring fish production. The program will be rolled out in other thirty thousand fishpond farmers across the country to revive the fish farming industry in Kenya.

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