Why Kenya Airways was forced to turn back to Johannesburg while midair

The new entity will further comprise a new Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) and the Aviation Investment Corporation.

A Kenya Airways plane from Johannesburg bound for Nairobi was forced to return to Johannesburg over what was alleged to be a stowaway incident.

According to the Aviation Herald, KQ761 was midair when the pilot was notified of the presence of a maintenance engineer aboard the aircraft.

“While levelling off at FL310 the crew turned around and returned to Johannesburg for a safe landing on runway 03R about 30 minutes later. While the aircraft vacated the runway the crew reported “He’s here and conscious!”, the aircraft taxied to the apron to offload the engineer,” the report said.

The plane had left Oliver Tambo Airport at 12:10 South African time and 30 minutes later, the Boeing 787-8 plane was forced to turn back.

The aircraft remained on the ground for about a 60 minutes, then departed again and reached Nairobi with a delay of 105 minutes.

Kenya Airways, howeve,r did not confirm the claims of the stowaway only stating that: “….we had an air-turn back due to operational reasons, however. the same flight left Johannesburg at 1335Hrs.”

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