Safaricom turns a new leaf with data, voice and SMS packages without an expiry

Safaricom has marked its 19th birthday with a change in strategy and a fresh commitment to its 33 million subscribers. As part of that change, Kenya’s biggest Telco by market share has introduced data bundles, calls and SMS packages with no expiry date.

Simple, transparent and honest…

That’s the new corporate motto that Safaricom is committing itself to as it turns 19.

According to Michael Joseph, the Telco’s CEO, the 19th birthday celebration is a chance at a clean slate for the company which has been perceived to be more interested in making profits at the expense of the customer.

Michael joseph – CEO, Safaricom said that this birthday is one that has been centered on reflection. Customer surveys show that Safaricom is not regarded as the most trustworthy organization. There is talk about stealing data bundles and data and that the organization is complicated to do business with.

To create a shift in mindset, Michael says that Safaricom will now be more customer-centric in how it conducts its business going forward with its 33 million-plus customers.

Michael further said that there will be improved service delivery by guaranteeing that customers are served within 5 minutes of entering a Safaricom shop. Call center calls will also be dealt with in under 5 minutes and in case this does not happen, the customer will be called right back.

Among the major changes, Safaricom has made is the introduction of data, voice and SMS bundles without an expiry date.

As a permanent proposition, customers purchasing the new call and SMS plan on *544# will get 50% extra talk time with every purchase enabling them to talk more for less.

Customers can now buy data, voice and SMS bundles for any amount right from 1 shilling and these bundles will not have an expiration date by dialing *544#, the customer will now have two new options which will allow them to buy data bundle with no expiry as well as buy data, calls, and SMS with no expiry date.

The decision by Safaricom to eliminate the expiration date on its data, voice and SMS bundles comes hot on the heels of a lawsuit filed by lawyer and ICT practitioner Adrian Kamotho

Kamotho sued Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom Kenya and the Communications Authority of Kenya seeking to compel the Telco’s to offer a service where subscribers can roll over unused data at no cost.

Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph has however dismissed claims that the move to introduce expiry free packages is in reaction to the lawsuit.

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