Wananchi group ammends employee contracts

Wananchi group has announced that it will be amending employee contracts following restructuring of the business that happened last year in order to ensure seamless transfer and reassignment within the business entities.

According to a statement released by Tim Kajume the director of human resources, the amendment will include Wananchi group, Wananchi Telecom Limited, Simbanet, and Wananchi media, Isat located in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and UAE. Kajume further says that with the new amendments, employees may be reassigned or transferred to any of the affiliate entities within the same location or a different location as may be mutually agreed seamlessly without loss of years or service or other terms. Kajume however insists that away from the reassignment, all other terms of employment remain constant. The contract amendment takes place between 2nd and 4th October this year.

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