Kenya to host 12th ICPD Summit in November

The government has approved the hosting of the upcoming Nairobi Summit of the 25th International Conference on Population and Development.

The summit is slated to happen from November 12 to November 14, and will attract over 6000 delegates from 179 countries.

The summit is set to project a positive image and solidify the country’s position as an ideal conference and aviation hub, a move which will boost Kenya’s tourism sector.

Why Kenya is an ideal host for the ICPD+25 conference

Kenya is a leader in population and development issues guided by an internationally recognized Population Policy for National Development (PPND).

It is one of the 179 member countries that committed to the ICPD 1994 PoA and has consistently worked towards achieving the PoA objectives and has been conducting ICPD reviews every five years.

Kenya has been an active member of the FP2020 movement and has achieved remarkable progress by surpassing family planning targets and continuously seeking ways of improving the family planning program as a pathway towards management of population growth and consequently attaining a quality life for its population. According to National Council and Population Development (NCPD)

In April 2017, Kenya successfully hosted the first China-Africa Conference on Population and Development organised by NCPD and UNFPA in collaboration with the China Population and Development Research Centre (CPDRC).

The summit will be about the quality of life and giving people the necessary rights and choices to acquire it.

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