16 Kenyans deported by South Sudan over salary dispute

South Sudan Minister of Interior Gen. Aleu Ayieny Aleu has ordered the deportation of 16 Kenyans and 4 British nationals who work for a private security firm.

Their deportation comes a few days after Insight Security failed to resolve a pay dispute over salaries and arrears of guards working for the firm.

 “There are four British nationals and 16 Kenyan nationals; they have been given 72 hours to pay all dues which they owe the government, and also pay our people their pensions…then leave the country,” Thiik Thiik Mayardit, the deputy Mayor of Juba City Council said.

South Sudan authorities closed down the private security firm last week on allegations that it exploited local workers and had not paid taxes.

Last week, the authorities arrested the bosses of the Insight Security firm after it the company was accused of mistreating its workers.

Mr Mayardit said the firm had a contract of employment which indicated that the least paid guard receives a monthly salary of $179 while others receive between $200 and $400.

The company paid the guards in South Sudanese Pounds (SSP), with salaries ranging from 15,000 SSP to 30,000 SSP, much less than what the contracts provide for, he added.

But, the contract signed between the company and the workers states that the wages will be paid using the official rate of the Bank of South Sudan, meaning the guards were to be paid in the local currency.

Insight Management defended itself, saying it abided by the law.

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