DP Ruto responds to President Uhuru’s remarks on politics of dynasty

President Uhuru Kenyatta bashed politicians in the country for making rounds and spreading divisive politics and who have in many occasions, tried to gain notoriety by anchoring their early political campaigns based of politics of dynasty.

But a day after the President’s remarks, his deputy Dr. William Ruto made a tour in Western Kenya (Luanda, in Vihiga County) and responded to his master while leading his team in making a retreat.

Against what has been Dp Ruto’s obvious harsh attack on former premier Raila Odinga, calling on him to put a stop on politics of dynasty, he promulgated on the importance of leadership and said that leadership cannot be defined based on where an individual comes from.

“Leadership is based on vision, development agenda and one dedication and commitment to implement programs that improve the lives of Kenyans.” Said Ruto.

He went ahead and said, “That is the criteria that voters will use to determine their leaders. Leadership is not based on clans, families or communities. We are all equal in the eyes of God,”

During the memorial service on August 22 to commemorate 41 years since Kenya’s founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta died, president Kenyatta said it is possession of the right qualities of leadership and not an individual’s background that matters

“Sijui sasa kama nitaambiwa naongea siasa lakini (I don’t know if I will be accused of playing poolitics), I am not. I promise. I have no such intention. But, you know, when you hear people out there, you know they talk ooh, huyu mtu flani dynasty hii, sijui dynasty hii (so and so belongs to this dynasty),”

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday announced the 41st memorial service held for the country’s founding father Mzee Jomo was going to be the last. He said the agreement was reached after consultations with the entire Kenyatta family members. Uhuru added that they will be having the celebration going forward privately as the family members.

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