Kenya Pipeline Staff Implicated In Multi-Billion Theft Of Fuel.

In parliament the energy and petroleum regulatory authority has accused employees of the Kenya pipeline oil for stealing fuel along the company’s pipeline infrastructure.

The Authority’s Director General, Pavel Oimeke told the National Assembly Committee on energy that investigations on cases of oil spillage have indicated that the leakages must have been cause by insiders within KPC.

Loss of petroleum products along the Mombasa-Nairobi oil pipeline has yet again come under the spotlight, with the national assembly’s energy committee wading in to seek answers to this menace.

The energy and petroleum regulatory authority director general Pavel Oimeke appeared before the committee Wednesday to give the regulatory body’s side of the story.

As at 2018, the Kenya Pipeline Company says 11.6 million litres of fuel worth at least 1.2 billion shillings was lost through leakages and vandalism on the pipeline at Mlolongo over a two-year period.

Kiboko area is said to be among the most affected sections of the pipeline as 409 thousand cubic litres of oil is said to have been stolen here.

The Robert Rukose led committee also questioned why the regulator intends to implement 100% oil transportation through the pipeline as opposed to using road transportation which is said to be far much cheaper.

The departmental committee on energy is scheduled to grill the Kenya pipeline company’s management Thursday to drill deeper into the shocking theft of oil products along its pipeline network.

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